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2019 Eco-Friendly Cars

Eco-Friendly Cars

In honor of #EarthDay, we're sharing all the things you need to know about eco-friendly vehicles. The truth is, electric cars are becoming more of the norm. They are better for the environment and are overall pretty cheap to maintain, while still providing the utmost safety for consumers. Over the years, we have seen how new technology has made cars be more eco-friendly, but in 2019, we are seeing a vast number of completely electric cars. If you aren't sold on the idea of a full-electric vehicle, there are many hybrid cars popping up on the market. Even if you prefer a vehicle that is totally gas powered, there are still great options out there that are extremely fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

What Defines An Eco-Friendly Vehicle?

An eco-friendly vehicle, also referred to as a "green" vehicle or an environmentally friendly vehicle, is a car or truck that produces less harmful impacts to the environment overall. These vehicles are typically electrically powered or use some sort of alternative fuel, making them better for the Earth. Eco-friendly vehicles have great gas mileage and require less maintenance, making them cheaper to own and drive. Essentially, owning and using a "green" vehicle reduces your carbon footprint.

2019 Greenest Vehicles

Each year, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) completes an annual report to determine the top eco-friendly vehicles for that year. This report is determined by various insight about the vehicle, including manufacturing, a model’s energy source, and its eventual disposal and recycling. When reading, you will see a car's "green score." The higher the score, the more eco-friendly a car is.

For the entire top ten list, click here.

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Investing in an eco-friendly vehicle definitely requires some research. When car shopping, be sure to read up on the details of the car and ask the hard questions. Although it may look good on the outside, the inside make up of the vehicle is the true test of how it will effect the environment when you drive it off the lot.


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