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Atlanta Streets Alive: What It Is & Why You Should Participate

Atlanta Streets Alive is an event that was launched in 2010 and is now held three different times throughout the year in #Atlanta. The idea is to "opens streets for people by temporarily closing them to cars to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience." This event is put on by the Atlanta Bike Coalition to build demand for streets that can properly serve all people in our city no matter what mode of transportation they use. The event also encourages a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to get outdoors and participate in physical activity. The bottomline is that Atlanta needs living streets - streets that you can safely walk, bike, and drive through, while ensuring that the communities surrounding these streets are thriving and appealing.

In 2019, you can participate in Atlanta Streets Alive three different times:

Each time they host this event throughout the year, it takes place in a different area. Every part of our city needs living streets and this is how they help get that message across.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Its' Free

Atlanta Streets Alive isn't your typical festival or event that requires tickets. This event is completely FREE and very family-friendly. It is encouraged to bring the whole family to walk, bike, and play.

  • Community

Atlanta is so large, and because of that, many people have a hard time getting that community feel. Atlanta Streets Alive is the perfect event that advocates for the needs of the community by bringing everyone together into a transformed area with eyes to the future of what the community could be.

  • Physical Activity

Atlanta Streets Alive promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles in a fun environment. Put your walking shoes on or hop on your bike to get in that extra activity.

  • Make A Statement

When you participate in this event, you are joining the movement of making our city streets more livable and mobile for every type of commuter. Participate to make a statement in your community!

Atlanta Streets Alive - Peachtree Street

  • The fun kicks off in Midtown, at the intersection of Peachtree Street and 16th Street at 1:30 PM with the official opening of the street followed by a 2 PM parade of the route.

  • There's no real beginning or end. Join the fun wherever you can! The flow of people goes both ways.

  • The streets are open so that you can easily explore your city. Feel free to eat, shop, play, and socialize.

  • Getting to to the event is easy by MARTA, by bike or any human-powered mode of transportation.

  • The following roads that intersect with Peachtree Street will be closed to crossing car traffic: Peachtree Pl., 4th St., and Edgewood Ave. Here's the full detour map.

  • From Mitchell St. to 17th St., Peachtree Street will be completely closed to cars from 12:30-7:30 PM.

For more information and details about this fun event, click here.

This year, Kaufman Law is a sponsor at the April event. Come join us in all of the fun!

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