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Bad Driving Habits To Quit In 2019

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Today’s world is all about multi-tasking, with endless technology at the tips of our fingers. What we don’t often consider, is how the desire to multi-task and maximize our efficiency can be a serious threat to our health and safety. In 2019, as we strive to keep our resolutions, we all need to add a very attainable goal: drive safer. Safety on the road can be done by quitting these 10 habits that, often with great regret and dire consequences, most people do.

  • Using Your Phone

You’ve heard it a million times: Don’t text and drive!  Yet, while driving on #Georgia Interstates 285, 75, 85 or GA-400,  or any of our Peachtree streets, you can always look over to a neighboring vehicle and find someone on their phone while driving. It’s a huge problem and safety risk for the passengers in that vehicle and all others on the road. Using social media, email, texting, or even talking on the phone are distractions that take your mind off your surroundings. Here we explain why distracted driving is so dangerous.


- Listening to podcasts or audiobooks can help you still be productive while staying safe. You can listen to our podcast, Torts To Courts, here.

- Learning or diving deeper into a new topic will better you in more ways than scrolling through your newsfeed. For other productive commute alternatives, read here.

- Listen to music. Click here for our playlist suggestions.

  • Eating

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, it’s your only opportunity for the day to get that quick lunch in. But somewhere in between the french fries falling into the cracks or your salad dressing spilling everywhere, it becomes a serious distraction.


- Leave yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to leave or arrive to your destination. Park your car in a safe place to eat your breakfast/lunch/snack.

- Consider taking a healthy approach and making a smoothie to get your nutrients and drive with ease.

  • Tailgating

Tailgating can be dangerous by not leaving ample of space between you and the car in front of you. It is also a hazard for the cars that follow behind you.

Solution: No matter what kind of day you’re having or how bad the car cut you off, take a deep breath and get some space – literally.

  • Speeding

Speeding is a threat to the safety of the community around you and often accompanies reckless driving. School zones, neighborhoods and retail areas should be safe for pedestrians and drivers. Speeding doesn’t allow for fast reaction time and can cause serious injury if an accident occurs.


- Traffic to #Atlanta is like peanut butter to jelly. It should be expected. Allow yourself more time to get to your destination so you won’t be rushed and inclined to speed.

  • Not Checking Blind Spots or Failure To Use Turn Signal

Accidents can result from the negligence to check your blind spots properly. Alternatively, failure to warn others on the road that you are changing lanes or turning can be very dangerous as well.

Solution: Knowing where your blind spots are and using your mirrors and peripheral vision is not enough. Fully glance over your shoulder to increase your visibility on the road.

  • Miscellaneous Distractions, such as tending to children

We all love our babies and fur babies but they can be distracting. As a parent, your child’s safety is most important and sometimes, that means shifting your focus away from them and back on the road.


Stay alert, no matter how cute your child is being.

  • Seat Belt

Whether you think it is uncomfortable, uncool or you’re just forgetful, it can save your life.


- Make it a habit to immediately put your seat belt on upon getting into your vehicle. Safety first! For more information on seat belt safety, click here.

  • Drowsy Driving

Studies have shown that driving while tired is as dangerous as being under the influence. When you are tired, your reaction time slows and focus decreases. Driving tired also increases the risk of falling asleep at the wheel, causing an accident and/or injury to you and others on the road.


- Use Rideshare, like Lyft or Uber instead.

  • Applying Makeup or Grooming

If you are running late for a big meeting, date or social gathering, you’re usually pinched for time to get ready. Many people complete their look in the car while en route to their destination. This is a very bad habit for many reasons. Simply, your focus is not on the road and what is happening around you and most often, you don’t have full control of the car you are driving.


- Give yourself extra time to put your finishing touches together. It’s always better to arrive late or ungroomed than not alive. To read about more common activities that typically women do while driving, click here.

For more tips on how to avoid an accident during your commute, read here.

At Kaufman Law, we have had thousands of clients injured from distracted drivers who can’t break their bad habits. Together, we can decrease driving fatalities in 2019 by exercising safer driving practices.


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