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Best Dash Cams To Purchase

We’ve previously spoke on the benefits that dash cameras have. From the constant recording, you can have evidence of a car accident, catch thieves, and even record your road trip. If you are interested in purchasing a dash cam, but don’t know where to start, we’ve done the research for you! Here are some of the best dash cams that you can buy.

1. Ssontong Dash Cam – $27.99

This dash cam is perfect if you are wanting to test out the new technology craze. On the less expensive end, this cam is easy to install and use. It will automatically turn on and start recording when the engine starts, and automatically stop recording and turn off shortly after the engine is off.

2. Chicom Dash Cam – $38.99

This is another great dash cam option for those that are first starting out and wanting to test a camera. The design provides a unique hidden installation mount that will minimize the affect on your driving view. The built in motion detection and parking monitor will provide you with more experience.

This dash cam ensures safe driving by providing real time lane departure, has an emergency recording feature that will automatically save footage in the event leading up to a collision and immediately after, provides high definition image and night vision, and has a wide angle to reduce blind spots and obtain full three lane coverage. This dash cam is very user friendly and will provide you with all of the benefits to make the investment worth your while.

4. Apeman Dash Cam – $50.00

This mini size dash cam provides wide angle views with an outstanding picture quality and excellent night vision. This dash cam also has an emergency accident lock so that footage will be saved if a crash occurs. You can rest assured that your dash cam will capture critical details whether you are driving or letting it monitor your parked vehicle. This cam also offers a function that ensures that the SD card will never fill up and you will always be able to capture the latest footage, auto record, and lock the video files if a collision or shaking to vehicle movement is detected. 

What you love about your Amazon Alexa can now be in your car! This higher end dash cam does so much more than just record your drive. It also provides driver assistance features, such as forward collision and lane departure warnings and turn by turn navigation. You can use Alexa to create lists, check your calendar, check the weather and traffic, control your smart home devices, and play music.

6. Z-Edge Dash Dam – $170

If you are looking for a traditional dash cam on the higher end, this is your best option. You can choose from four preset modes, including drive – optimized for regular use, scenic – best for longer trips, WDR – great for bright days or night driving, and park – increases G-sensor sensitivity and battery efficiency for monitoring your parked car. This cam also provides front and rear recording and high definition four lane views. The compact design makes it easy to stick directly to your windshield for optimal field-of-view.


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