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Bike Rider Heat Safety

bicycle commuter safety

Temperatures are heating up here in #Atlanta, which brings out a lot of bike riders throughout the city. If you are a bicycle commuter, it is important to follow certain tips to avoid heat illnesses or heat exhaustion.

  • Leave Early

To avoid the early morning heat, hit the road early. If possible, change around your work schedule, so that you aren't on the road during the peak of the heat.

  • Take Your Time

If you can’t leave an hour early, try 15-20 minutes. Leaving earlier allows you to time to pedal slower, relax and keep your body temperature low.

  • Drink Water

Opt for the water bottle no matter how long the ride is.

  • Wear Breathable Clothes

On the really hot days, it is best to wear a short-sleeve moisture-wicking bike shirt shirt to keep you cool.

For more on heat exhaustion, we encourage you to read here.

Eco-commuting is a great option in the warmer months and has many benefits. However, following certain tips is crucial to your overall safety! If you are ever involved in a bicycle accident, contact Kaufman Law for your FREE case review.


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