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Car Seat Alarms That Remind Parents To Check Their Back Seat

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke

According to the National Safety Council, on average 37 children die each year due to pediatric vehicular heatstroke (PVH). We hear the heartbreaking stories far too often about how a parent or caregiver forgets their child in the car and it ends tragically. Because of the high statistics surrounding PVH, there have been many apps and other technological advances developed to hopefully help lower the amount of children fatalities from being left in hot cars.

We have researched and found some of the best apps and products that are well worth the investment.

This back-seat reminder system automatically actives anytime your back door is opened before turning your car on or while the vehicle is already running. When you turn the car off, a distinctive sound goes off to remind you to check your back seat. The sound will only go off by pressing a button located near the rear door. If the sound is not switched off in less than 40 seconds, your car’s horn will start to go off.

This infant car seat has a built-in sensor system that is used to remind you that your child is in the car. The car seat has a wireless receiver that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. It is able to sense when the car is turned off and will then alert you to say that your child is still in the car seat. The alert is similar to that of when you leave your headlights on.

This is a wireless car seat alarm that reminds you four different times that there is a child still in the car seat. As soon as a car door is open, there will be a voice reminder letting you know there’s a child still in the seat. Then, it flashes LED lights to catch their attention. Next, if the parent walks away an alert will be sent to their phone. If necessary, the program will also alert a pre-programmed emergency contact with your GPS location. The system uses pressure and optical sensors to know when a child is in the car seat and when the driver door opens.

This is a much cheaper, yet effective product to help remind parents that their child is in the car. It does not use batteries or sensors, but simply attaches to your seat belt and keeps the seatbelt from retracting. It serves as a small reminder before you unbuckle that your child is in the back-seat.

This phone app uses Bluetooth to alert you when you and your phone leave the car. It serves as a good way to remind you that your child is still in the car seat.

Many car manufacturers are using technology to help reduce the amount of pediatric vehicular heatstrokes. Read about that here.


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