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Common Causes For E-Scooter Accidents

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

e-scooter accidents

As we have previously discussed, the e-scooter movement is taking off in #Atlanta. With that, just like any mode of transportation, comes the risk of accidents. The difference with these accidents is that it is hard to track them and it can be even harder to determine fault for the accident.

The most commonly seen scooters around the city are Bird, Lime, and, the newest addition, Uber JUMP. The idea in itself is great - an inexpensive, fun way to commute. However, this scooter movement has brought about a lot of concerns for many people. Emergency rooms are seeing rising numbers in visits for e-scooter accidents and we're here to reveal the common causes for these crashes:

  • Scooter Equipment Malfunctions

A number of accidents have occurred because the actual scooter has malfunctioned. Many cases have involved sticky accelerators, broken brakes, motor failure, and battery issues.

  • Sidewalk Riding

Many people hop on these scooters without even knowing the rules surrounding them. In many cities, including Atlanta, e-scooters have been banned from sidewalks. Riders must maneuver the scooter on streets just like bicycles. Driving a scooter on a sidewalk, not only puts the driver at greater risk, but puts pedestrians at risk as well.

  • Failure to Abide by Traffic Laws

Just like riding in the street, scooter drivers are expected to follow all traffic laws and commands, including stopping at lights and stop signs, yielding when necessary, using signals, etc.

  • User Error or Inexperience

Again, many people don't actually know how to work the e-scooters. They see them around the city and think because they are so easily accessible that they must be easy to maneuver. Hopping on a scooter without knowing how to ride it correctly can cause serious harm and put yourself and others in danger.

  • Failure to Use Safety Precautions

Helmets are encouraged for scooter use, but there is no way for that to be enforced. Therefore, many people ride without a helmet and end up seriously injured in the case of an accident. That is just one example of many safety precautions that scooter riders skip.

Common injuries sustained from these accidents can include minor scrapes, bruises, and road rash to severe broken bones, facial lacerations, brain injuries, and spinal cord trauma.

You must remember that a training course is not required for these scooters, but that's not to say that there shouldn't be one. Many users skip through the introduction on the app that includes the correct way to ride and the rules and regulations. They are prompted to comply to an agreement that states that they accept any risk that the scooter may impose. Companies have done this so that in the case of an accident they can't be legally held liable.

If you are ever in an e-scooter accident, it can be tricky to handle. Like car accidents, many people believe that they should have a case and deserve compensation. For that reason, it is highly encouraged that you contact an e-scooter accident attorney, such as Kaufman Law, to ensure that the correct process is taken in regard to your rights.

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