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Concussions: What You Need To Know

At Kaufman Law, we help clients who have suffered from numerous types of serious and catastrophic injuries. A brain injury is arguably one of the most severe, as the effects of it can run a full range. Some people only experience temporary symptoms, while others may suffer a concussion and experience lifelong complications.

What Is A Concussion?

A concussion, commonly referred to as a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), most often results after a traumatic blow to the head. It occurs most frequently in injury cases, such as motor vehicle accidents, but is also commonly seen in slip and fall cases where the person falls on his or her head, for example. In children and adolescents, it is very common to see concussions as a result of playing high impact sports, such as football or wrestling.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Concussion?

Concussions can affect people in the following ways:

  • Cognitive Functions - difficulty with focus, memory, or attention

  • Physical Functions - patients might suffer from headaches, blurry vision, and motor difficulty

  • Emotional Functions - changes in mood, slower to react to situations

  • Sleeping Patterns - the person may feel compelled to sleep more often

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Blurred Vision

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Slurred Speech

  • Appearing Dazed

  • Confusion

  • Ringing Ears

  • Delayed Response

  • Loss of Consciousness

It is not always clear when someone suffers a concussion because the individual might not lose consciousness after impact. Some people do not visit doctors immediately after the incident, either. Even still, sometimes a doctor might not even issue an MRI or CT scan unless it is for extreme cases.

Can I Recover from a Concussion?

Most of the time, people can recover fairly well from mild concussions. Research shows that early identification and correct treatment can help prevent long-term difficulties and disability. However, as Atlanta personal injury attorneys with over 40 years of experience, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper medical attention and speaking honestly with your doctor about your symptoms. The doctor can help determine the extent of the concussion. A serious head or brain injury can heal improperly and lead to serious problems for your health later on down the line if not treated promptly and correctly.

Once you have determined the right course of treatment, you may be wondering if there are legal remedies as well to help you find financial compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury that occurred because of negligence, you can always discuss your legal options. We are on your side and are willing to help you find the compensation that you deserve. Contact our Atlanta injury team at Kaufman Law, P.C. today.


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