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E-Scooter Safety Tips

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

#Atlanta has seen a new mode of transportation in the city that offers riders an inexpensive way to get around. Very popular in Midtown, the BeltLine, and various college campuses, the e-scooter movement is taking over. Officials at Grady Hospital say they now see about 25 injuries per month from scooter accidents. Some accidents leave minor cuts and bruises, while others actually cause serious injury to the brain. If you plan to use these scooters, such as Bird or Lime, for your transportation method, you should review these safety tips beforehand. For additional regulations regarding e-scooter use around Atlanta, read here.

Wear a helmet.

Many of the e-scooter companies require this, however they have no way to regulate it. The same companies make it known that they are not responsible if you get hurt while riding their scooter. For your personal safety, it is always best to wear a helmet. In the past months, doctors have seen serious head injuries that scooter riders have endured from accidents while riding.

One passenger per scooter.

The scooters are not big enough to hold more than one passenger. Again, this is a requirement of many of the companies, however, it also cannot be regulated. Having more than one person on the scooter at a time can cause serious injury if involved in an accident.

Put away your cell phone.

When operating an e-scooter, you should treat it like a vehicle. In Georgia, you cannot use your phone while driving, per the Hands-Free Law. When you are operating a scooter, your phone should be away, so you are alert. This reduces the chance of harm to yourself and others around you. This is another regulation passed by the Atlanta City Council when they met to discuss the new e-scooter law.

Follow all roadway laws.

As mentioned, treat the scooter as if you are driving a vehicle. Follow traffic commands and all general rules of the roadway, including stopping at stop signs, signaling your turns, etc.

Stay off sidewalks.

In Atlanta, e-scooters are now banned from sidewalks for the safety of the rider and those that are walking.

E-scooters offer a fun, new way of transportation for those that choose this method, however, if not operated appropriately the fun can be ruined with an injury. Be smart + be safe.


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