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Hands-Free Amazon Products Under $20

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Since #Georgia passed the Hands-Free Act, we've nailed down some of the best, inexpensive hands-free products on Amazon that will provide the best hands-free driving experience that you could possibly get.

1. Vent Phone Mount – $9.99

This device mounts onto your car air vent to hold your phone while you are driving.

2. Dash Phone Mount – $9.99

This mount does the same as the previous, however, some people prefer that their vent is not covered so this could be a better option.

3. Bluetooth Converter – $17.99

This converter has a screen that will actually show you who is calling and provides a great hands-free driving experience.

This converter doesn’t take up as much room as the previous, but still provides the same hands-free calling.

5. Bluetooth Headset – $16.99

Some people may prefer a headset instead of a Bluetooth car adaptor. This headset could be good for someone who has to take a lot of calls throughout their drive.

There are also some awesome hands-free apps that you can download that we have highlighted here.

If you are interested in setting up auto-reply on your iPhone, click here.

For more on the Georgia Hands-Free Law, read here.


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