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Hands-Free Georgia Law: In Effect July 1, 2018

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

In the state of Georgia, it has been illegal to text and drive for quite some time now, but the rules for talking on the phone haven’t been as strict. That has changed with the new signing of the Hands-Free Act.

Back in May, Governor Nathan Deal signed the Hands-Free Georgia Act that puts a lot of new rules into place regarding the use of your phone while behind the wheel. The technical term for this act is “Code Section 40-6-241” but you will hear it more commonly referred to as the Hands-Free Act.

Important things to note about this new act that went into place on July 1st is that there is no grace period. Warnings can be issued, but an officer has full authority to give a true violation immediately. Speaking of violations, it’s important to know what those may look like.

The first violation will consist of one point on your license and a $50 fine.

The next violation consists of two points on your license and a $100 fine.

Finally, the third violation consists of three points on your license and a $150 fine.

As most of us know, too many points on your license can result in your license being suspended.

For good measure and for the sake of your bank account, make it a habit to put your phone up until you reach your destination.


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