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How Rain Impacts Roads, Traffic, and Driving Ability

So far in 2019, Georgia has received heavy amounts of rain, similar to that of 2018. Rain showers in Atlanta do result in needing more than just umbrellas and raincoats. As expected, rain can have a negative impact on the number of car accidents that occur on the roadways. The rainstorms that we are almost accustomed to here in the city, impact the condition of the roads, the flow of traffic, and a driver’s ability to operate his or her vehicle.

How Rain Increases the Risk of Car Accidents

The following is an overview of how rain impacts the conditions of the road that you are traveling on:

  • Rain impacts your ability to see in front and to the side of your vehicle.

  • Rain impacts the amount of friction between your vehicle and the pavement.

  • Rain can impact the amount of lane obstruction on the roadway.

  • Rain can impact whether a lane becomes submerged under water.

Rain also has an impact on the flow of traffic on the roadway. When traffic is disrupted, the chance of a car accident increases. The effects of rain on traffic flow includes the following:

  • The capacity of the roadway to handle the number of vehicles utilizing it during the rainstorm.

  • The speed of traffic.

  • The amount of travel time delay that exists.

  • The overall risk of an accident occurring.

In addition, rainy weather can impact a driver’s ability to operate his or her vehicle. Examples include:

  • Vehicle Performance, such as traction on the roadway

  • Driver Behavior, such as over or under reacting

  • Traffic Signal Timing

  • Speed Limit Control

  • Driver Coordination

  • Driver’s Ability to Take Evasive Measures

It is also important to note that the same limitations rain creates on the driving conditions, ability, and traffic flow affecting the driver of a motor vehicle will also impact emergency vehicles. This can significantly impact emergency vehicle response time in the event of an accident, increasing the chance of serious injury in the event of a crash. For safety tips for driving in the rain, click here.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer at Kaufman Law, P.C. for helpful guidance and a FREE case review.


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