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How-To: Set Up Auto Reply On iPhone

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

How-To: Set Up Auto Reply On iPhone

After the Georgia Hands-Free Act went into effect, we found a few hacks that you can activate on your phone to help you further abide with the new law. One of our favorites is the “auto-reply” feature on iPhone. It’s a great built in setting that needs to be manually activated but can truly help save your life!

To Activate This Feature, Follow The Steps Below:

1. Access your settings through the gears icon.

2. Click “Do Not Disturb”.

3. Scroll Down to “Auto-Reply To.”

4. Be sure “All Contacts” is selected in the “Auto-Reply To” line.

5. Go back and click on “Auto-Reply” (right below the “Auto-Reply” To line).

6. Customize your message that will be sent to people whenever you are driving.

7. In the “Do Not Disturb” tab, you’ll also see the “Activate” section. Tap here and choose how or when you would like your “Do Not Disturb” reply to be enabled. You can choose to have it turn on automatically when your phone detects that your car is in motion, when your phone automatically connects to your car’s bluetooth, or you can choose to turn on your “Do Not Disturb” manually.

8. If you choose to activate your “Do Not Disturb” manually, be sure to tap the “Do Not Disturb” moon icon in your iPhone’s control center.

Note: Auto-Reply will only work if you have previously activated the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature that uses Bluetooth or USB connection to know when you are in a vehicle. This feature can be accessed under "Do Not Disturb" in your settings also.

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