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Ways To Practice Runner's Safety

Runner Safety Tips

Running is an activity that many people turn to to stay active and get their exercise. Although it is a great activity, it can also be very dangerous if you aren't careful. Here are a few ways that you can practice runner's safety:

  • Ditch The Earbuds

Although wearing headphones is common for runners, it can be wise to ditch them. It is important for your safety that you are able to hear your surroundings while on a jog.

  • Run Against Traffic

Running against traffic gives you the ability to observe approaching vehicles, which enables you to react quicker in a situation if one occurs.

  • Use Crosswalks

When running, it is vital to use crosswalks. Paying attention to signs and signals can keep you from being involved in a pedestrian accident. Additionally, be sure the driver of a car acknowledges your right-of-way before crossing in front of them. If you are ever involved in a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of a driver, contact Kaufman Law.

  • Stay Alert + Be Aware

It's easy to get in the zone while running, but it's necessary to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. This involves staying off of your phone and paying attention to everything around you. Stay observant and aware of others around you during your entire run.

  • Carry Your Phone

Carrying your cell phone is another important key to your safety. In the event that you are injured or are in danger, having a phone to call 911 can save you.

  • Avoid Sketchy Areas

It is wise to stick to the areas that you are familiar with. Avoid areas that are unpopulated, deserted, or overgrown. Stay in areas that are well lit and try to be home before the sun goes down. If you are a morning runner, try to go out after the sun comes up.

  • Tell Someone Your Whereabouts

Before going on your run, let someone know exactly where you'll be, the route you'll be taking, and what time you plan on returning. It's also smart to share your iPhone location with a close friend so that they can track you if needed.

  • Vary Your Route

Instead of running the exact same route everyday, try to mix it up. This can decrease the risk of you being targeted and put into dangerous situations.

  • Wear Reflective Clothing

Wearing reflective clothing keeps you highly visible, especially at night or early hours of the morning.

  • Run With A Friend

Running with a friend is another great safety measure for you to take. It keeps you accounted for and is another way to decrease your chance of being targeted.

Running is a great way to get outside and get your exercise, but the activity can produce accidents or injury. If you are ever involved in an accident or endure an injury, contact our experienced law firm for your potential case.


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