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Safety Tips For Driving In A Storm

Summer storms are a thing in Georgia and almost every evening they happen like clock work. Storms in the area can come on fast, catching drivers unprepared. If you find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm with heavy rain take the following actions to protect yourself and your passengers:

  • Focus on the Road

Many of us rely on cruise control to get us through our commute. Generally, it’s a safe and useful feature. However, cruise control can be detrimental in rainy or stormy weather. Driving in inclement conditions requires our full attention, and cruise control allows us to travel on autopilot. Turning it off will allow you to better respond to hazards and decelerate more quickly if it becomes necessary.

  • Drive Slowly

This may seem like an obvious tip, but speeding contributes to many accidents, especially when stormy weather is involved. For your safety, ease up on the accelerator and drive at a speed appropriate for weather conditions. If you’re going faster than the flow of traffic, it’s time to slow down. Saving a few minutes is not worth risking your life. In the event of hydroplaning, resist the urge to slam on the brakes or yank the wheel in the opposite direction to regain your course. Instead, stay calm, steer the car in the direction it wants to go, and slow down to a stop. For more tips on preventing hydroplaning, click here.

  • Drive Defensively

You can’t control the actions of other drivers on the road, only your own. Being a defensive driver means that you expect the unexpected, you stay alert and focused, and most importantly you put away your distractions. In thunderstorms, make sure you maintain a safe following distance and be prepared to react to hazards appropriately if any occur.

  • Use Your Headlights

Some people have their headlights set to automatic and sometimes your lights don't always come on when you need them to. It's important to remember to always manually turn on your headlights in a rain or storm so that you are more visible on the roadway.

Driving in inclement weather requires extreme caution. By driving slowly and defensively, you can effectively reduce your risk of being in a crash. It’s better to arrive to your destination late, than not at all. If you are involved in a car crash, contact the experienced team at Kaufman Law to discuss your potential case.


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