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Six Ways Negligent Drivers Cause Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle accidentsoccur for many different reasons, however, it is not unusual for a Georgia accident report to say something like “the driver claimed he did not see the motorcycle.” It is very common for a driver to not notice a motorcyclist until it’s too late to stop the crash. Why are motorcycles so easy to overlook?

Six Reasons Georgia Motorists Fail To See Motorcyclists:

  • Motorcycles are very small when compared to cars. A motorcycle and its rider can be completely concealed by a door pillar or a vehicle’s blind spot.

  • Motorcycles are also easily hidden by obstructions. A driver may miss seeing a motorcycle because it is hidden behind a passenger’s head, cargo, another vehicle, or a roadside object.

  • There are almost nine million registered vehicles in Georgia. Only about 200,000 of these vehicles are motorcycles. Because motorcycles make up such a small percentage (2%) of total traffic on Georgia roads, drivers tend not to think about motorcycles and forget to watch for them.

  • Because motorcycles make up only a small percentage of vehicles on the road, drivers don’t have good visual recognition of motorcycles. They may see the motorcycle without registering its presence.

  • Glare, rain, fog, and light patterns can also prevent a driver from seeing a motorcycle.

  • Driver distractions, including texting devices, cell phones, GPS systems, and activities such as eating, drinking, or tuning a radio may prevent a driver from noticing a motorcyclist, even if the motorcyclist is clearly visible.

According to one study conducted by the International Motorcycle Safety Conference, drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists if they ride motorcycles or have close friends or family members who ride. Drivers who are more aware of motorcyclists on the road are less likely to cause a car accident.

Although many studies have shown that drivers, not motorcyclists, cause most motorcycle accidents, insurance companies tend to portray motorcyclists as reckless risk-takers. Our Atlanta injury lawyers fight these stereotypes to help injured motorcyclists receive the compensation they deserve. To schedule a free consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney, please contact Kaufman Law.


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