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Tips For A Smooth Back To School Commute

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

back to school tips

With #Atlanta heading back to school, you may be struggling each morning to get your children to the bus stop or to school on time. Traffic is crazy, and things just haven’t quite gone back to normal yet. They may be stuck on summer mode and mornings are a true hassle.

Here are a few tips for a smooth back to school commute that can relieve some stress from you and the kiddos.

  • Pack lunches and bookbags the night before.

To avoid scrambling right before you walk out the door, make sure lunches are packed the night before and ready to grab in the fridge the next morning. Additionally, make sure the kids are putting their folders and binders back in their bookbags after homework, so everything is ready to go for the next day.

  • Plan outfits the night before.

Another way to avoid running around the house in the mornings is to plan your child’s outfits the night before. This way you both know exactly what they’re going to be wearing and they know exactly where everything is.

  • Carpool with neighborhood kids.

If you live in a neighborhood with multiple kids going to the same school, it can be a good idea to carpool with each other. This can hold each other accountable for getting to school on time. Parent drivers can switch every week giving you a break every now and then.

  • Take the road less traveled.

Many times, there is so much traffic because everyone is traveling in the same direction on the same road. A good idea, if possible, is to take a route that most people don’t take. This may help eliminate the amount of time you sit in traffic and would give you a change of scenery.

  • Assume that there’s going to be traffic.

Living around #Atlanta, we all know that it easily takes 30 minutes to get somewhere that is only 10 minutes down the road. One habit to get into is leaving earlier than you think you need to. Just because your child’s school may be 5 minutes away, doesn’t mean you should only leave 5 minutes prior to the tardy bell. You never know what the roads are going to look like each day, and it’s best to plan for the worst.

Keep you and your kids productive and safe as school starts back this year!


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