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Torts To Courts Episode 3: Sitter Safety Suggestions

Torts To Courts

Spring has arrived in #Georgia and before you know it, the kids will be on summer break and temperatures will near the 90's. Many parents will hire sitters to watch after their children during the summer, so that they can maintain their work schedule. Although sitters offer a convenience for parents, and kids love having someone new around the house, there are important safety tips to remember as you and your family make the transition into summer break.

For our latest episode on Torts To Courts, we sat down with the Founder of Sitter Tree, Jody Stephenson, and Family Coordinator, Rebecca Alvarez, to discuss some of these safety tips. We hit on various topics, including pool safety, things to remember when driving children, and general tips to keep in mind to ensure that your children remain safe this season.

What Is Sitter Tree?

Sitter Tree is a babysitter booking app where families can join to get connected with sitters in their area. What makes Sitter Tree different than your typical babysitting website is that both, the sitters and the families, go through a screening process before being accepted into the sitting community. This provides an extra level of safety for the parents, children and the babysitter. Once accepted, families can request sitters and the staff of Sitter Tree will actually assign one of their sitters to that specific family. If you are interested in joining Sitter Tree, visit their website for more information. You can also take advantage of the code "SAFELAW" to receive your first sitter request free!

Child Safety Tips

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