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Transportation During Super Bowl LIII In Atlanta

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

With Super Bowl LIII coming to #Atlanta in a few short days, the city has been constantly preparing. Preparation began in the summer when officials learned that the annual game would be hosted in our very own Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We want to make sure that locals are aware of what to expect if they plan to enter the city on the day of the event and even the days surrounding Super Bowl Sunday. We have found the best information that we could regarding transportation for the big game.

The Atlanta Police Department (APD)  highly encourage the use of MARTA. This means that MARTA stations will be much more busy than usual. The MARTA teams learned from the January 2018 College Football National Championship game, that was also hosted in Atlanta, that they must have a plan to prevent overcrowding and provide overall safety for their riders.

Since summer, MARTA has conducted tabletop exercises to focus on the safety and security of patrons, how to better manage the crowds, and practice clear communication.

At MARTA stations, you can expect load and go teams to be present that will help decrease overcrowding on the station platforms. Thousands of staff will be surrounding the different stops near the venue to help those that are unfamiliar with the area get to their destination.

If you plan to use MARTA during the Super Bowl, they are currently selling commemorative Breeze Cards. Breeze cards are an inexpensive way for you enjoy your time in the city during the event. They are $2 + your fare cost, which is $2.50. If you prefer a day pass, they have 1 Day for $9, 3 Day for $16, and 4 Day for $19. You can purchase yours here.

Rideshare is another transportation option that is recommended by APD. There are designated drop off and pick up locations surrounding each event during the 10-Day Super Bowl event. For specific location points, visit the official site here.

If you want to hear more in depth details for traffic routines and road closures from an Atlanta Police Officer, listen to our most recent podcast here.

Overall, the city has been diligently working to ensure that the event goes smoothly and patrons enjoy their time in Atlanta!


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