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Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter Weather

Winter weather in Atlanta gives you no warning. One day it can be sunny and 75 and the next day it could be snowing. Because of that, it is important to participate in getting your home prepared for winter conditions before it actually hits. The following tips are a few basic ways you can prepare your home for the winter weather that could occur at any moment:

  • Clean your gutters to prevent ice dams.

  • Have your heating system professionally serviced. This ensures that it is clean, working properly, and ventilated.

  • Clean your fireplace and chimney to prevent a destructible fire to your home.

  • Install a smoke detector and be sure to test the batteries monthly.

  • Additionally, install a carbon monoxide detector so that you are alerted if deadly gas becomes present in your home.

  • Have an alternate heat source plan in case your primary source is unavailable.

  • Seal your windows and doors with caulk to keep the cold air out.

  • Stock up on cold weather essentials, such as a fire extinguisher, some sort of ice melt, a shovel for snow, etc.


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