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Ways To Prevent Bike Theft

how to prevent bike theft

Do you want to ride your bike on a daily basis, but fear that it will get stolen while you are at work or running errands? There are plenty of precautions that you can take to help prevent bike theft.

Preventing Bike Theft:

  • Register your bike at and on

  • Add your bike to an insurance policy.

  • Invest in a U-Lock. Other locks are easy to cut and will not prevent theft. When using a U-Lock, position your bike frame and wheels so that you fill or take up as much of the open space within the U-portion of the lock as possible. The tighter the lock up, the harder it is for a thief to use tools to attack your lock.

  • Lock your bike everywhere you go - in the garage, the stairwell, or even a college dorm. Be sure to lock your bike to a fixed, immovable object like a parking meter or permanent bike rack. Be careful not to lock to items that can be easily cut, broken or removed. Lock in a visible and well-lit area and in a location where there are other bikes.

  • Don't lock your bike in the same location all the time. A thief may notice the pattern and target your bike.

  • Don't lock to anything posted illegal. Check with area law enforcement agencies for local bike parking regulations.

If your bike does get stolen, be sure to report it and post it on your social media. If you find your bike, don't try to get it back yourself. Contact your local law enforcement for assistance.


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