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What Atlanta Law Says About Your Dog Bite Lawsuit

With nearly 400 public parks and green spaces across Atlanta, leash laws are an important part of city ordinances. If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite injury, you probably have a lot of questions about your rights and the dog owner’s liability for your damages. In short, dog owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior, but getting compensation for your injury requires legal proof of the owners’ negligence and an in-depth understanding of city and state dog bite laws.

Atlanta Code of Ordinances and Dog Bite Laws

According to § 110-70, it is unlawful to walk any pet in a park unless it’s on a leash. Certain parks are exempt, but only if they’re marked as an off-leash dog park.

Atlanta code also states:

  • The person who brings the pet into the park is responsible for the pet’s behavior.

  • If a dog acts aggressively, the owner must remove it from the park immediately.

  • Leashed dogs are not permitted in amphitheaters, swimming pool areas, tennis courts, or zoos.

In addition to these rules, city ordinances specify additional guidelines for Grant Park, one of the oldest public parks in the city. For the safety of pets and zoo animals, leashed dogs are not permitted in certain sections of Grant Park, including the zoo buildings and area, swimming pool area, the Cyclorama building, tennis courts, and athletic field areas.

What Are My Rights After a Dog Attack?

Research suggests that roughly 4.7 million people across the nation suffer dog attack injuries every year. One out of every six of these instances requires medical attention. A variety of factors will determine whether the victim can file suit against the owner for their injury:

  • Does the dog have history of violence or aggressive behavior?

  • Was the dog on public property when it bit you?

  • Was the dog provoked?Did you seek medical care after the attack?

  • Was law enforcement contacted after the incident?

  • Was the owner in violation of city or state leash laws?

Georgia dog bite laws are different from most states. In order to seek fair compensation, you must be able to demonstrate grounds for the dog owner’s liability. Most states require proof on one ground for liability, but Georgia requires two. This doesn’t mean you can’t successfully hold the owner liable for your injury, however, it increases your need to get a skilled Atlanta dog bite attorney on your side.

Kaufman Law, P.C. is a personal injury law firm in Atlanta with a simple goal: helping people. After a serious injury, the thought of seeking compensation for your damages may seem overwhelming. Let our legal team handle your case so you can focus on making a quick recovery. To learn more about your rights, schedule a free legal consultation with our firm today.


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