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What NOT To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

what do I do when my car breaks down

Breakdowns can happen to anyone, at any time, and in any place—even when driving a brand new vehicle. When a breakdown does occur, it is important to avoid certain common mistakes in order to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

  • Do Not Exit The Vehicle

Unless you can safely do so, you should not exit your vehicle if your car breaks down. On many Atlanta roadways, oncoming traffic is just too heavy and vehicles are traveling too fast for you to get out of your vehicle without risking injury or even death. In these cases, it is safer to remain inside the car until help arrives.

  • Do Not Stand Near A Broken Down Vehicle

Doing so, significantly increases your risk of injury or death. If another vehicle strikes your car, you are likely to be hit as well.

  • Do Not Attempt To Fix Your Car

If the breakdown is caused by something beyond your ability to repair, it is often safer to simply wait for professional help to arrive. Contact a tow truck company for assistance.

  • Never Accept Assistance From Unofficial Sources

Unless you know and trust the individual offering the help, it is better to wait for a professional. Accepting help from an unofficial third party that you do not know could put you at risk of harm.

  • Do Not Attempt To Flag Down Help.

The most of important thing that you should when your car breaks down is contact the appropriate professionals.

It can be super helpful to keep a car emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Here is our DIY list for you!

Following these helpful tips can help you to stay safe in the event that your vehicle breaks down. If you have been injured in a car accident, Kaufman Law may be able to help you get compensated. Learn more about your rights and legal options when you contact our Atlanta firm of car accident lawyers today!


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