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Why Airline Workers Are More Prone To Injuries

Airline Worker Injuries

The airline industry is one of the top industries where workers are prone to injury. The work duties in the airline industry can be very strenuous putting them at great risk. An injured airline worker is entitled to receive workers’ compensation, but sometimes an injured worker may face challenges in obtaining their benefits. When these challenges begin, it can be crucial for the injured airline employee to seek legal representation from an experienced workers' compensation firm.

Types Of Airline Workers Prone To Injury:

  • Mechanics

  • Baggage Handlers

  • Flight Attendants

  • Ground Crews

  • Maintenance + Cleaning Crews

  • Cargo Agents

Types Of Airline Worker Injuries:

  • Back and Shoulder Injuries

  • Wrist or Arm Injuries

  • Broken or Fractured Bones

  • Head Injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery

  • Hearing Damage

  • Knee Replacements

  • Disc and Joint Injuries

Causes Of Airline Worker Injuries:

  • Lifting heavy luggage

  • Assisting disabled passengers

  • Being struck by moving objects

  • Slips, trips and falls

  • Loud airplane noise

  • In-flight turbulence

  • Pushing or pulling meal carts

  • Falling items from overhead bins

Heavy lifting is a common cause for back and shoulder injuries among baggage handlers or flight attendants. Often times, these workers already wear braces and other support gear, but even with that, strains and injuries can still occur. Ramp accidents are also very common as there are often many obstacles along the ramp, including cables, tow-bars, fueling hoses, or spilt liquids. Ramp agents and ground crews often experience hearing loss, even when correct equipment is worn.

The lists of potential injuries, the causes, and the workers effected in the airline industry goes on. The bottom line is that if you are an airline or airport worker that has been injured, you are entitled to compensation. If you are not receiving the help you deserve, contact Kaufman Law with any questions.

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