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How Riding The Bus Can Benefit Your Child

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Letting your child ride the bus to school is something that almost every parent struggles with at some point in their life. You hear horror stories about the school bus and the movies only seem to make it worse. But, in reality, there are advantages to letting your child ride the bus to school.

  • Buses are safe.

Research has shown that your child is seven times safer traveling by bus than by car or truck. Buses are designed with various safety features, including highly visible coloring, flashing lights, protective seating, high crush standards, and rollover protection.

  • There’s a long-term economic advantage.

Letting your child take the bus to school means that you are reducing the number of routes you are taking on a daily basis. It limits the amount of time that you fill up on gas in the long run.

  • It teaches your child the value of time.

School buses have a set schedule and they do not wait for anyone. Letting your child ride the bus to school teaches them the importance of being on time. This is important to learn at a young age and can prepare them for a successful future.

  • It produces a small level of independence.

Riding the bus alone can at first be scary for a young child, however, they will quickly learn to overcome that. It will teach them independence. Independence is exciting and is something that children should embrace!

  • It teaches responsibility.

They learn that they are responsible for getting off at the correct stop. This is a great trait to learn at a young age.

To learn about the Georgia School Bus Safety Laws, visit here.


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