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Personal Injury Attorney Process: A Guide for Millennials

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

As a member of the #millennial generation, the idea of getting an attorney can be confusing and intimidating. We're here to help you understand the simple process.

1. Do your research.

Look up reputable attorneys in your area and read the reviews. There’s nothing like the recommendation of others to tell you how your experience may be.

2. Don’t pay for consultations.

There are firms that will listen to your case and give you reliable guidance at no cost, like Kaufman Law.

3. Know your rights.

If you’ve been injured in a car wreck or truck wreck, a motorcycle accident, or been the victim of a bicycle or pedestrian accident, you have the right to an attorney to seek fair and favorable compensation. Kaufman Law also represents clients for other personal injuries. Contact us to discuss your potential case.

4. Don’t be intimidated.

The attorney process can be very simple and provide a lot of peace of mind to people that have experienced something tragic. Many law firms, including Kaufman Law, provide bilingual services and around the clock availability in order to aid you better. For more information visit our firm here.

5. Don’t let money stop you.

At Kaufman Law, we provide free consultations to discuss your case and no additional upfront costs. There are also no fees unless we win the case.

6. Don’t let transportation be an issue.

If you’re without a vehicle because of a car or truck accident, etc. we can come to you! We also provide hospital visits so that you receive the help you need while healing from your accident.

7. It’s not difficult.

You tell us about your situation and we determine the best route for action and lead you through the entire process. You are entirely hands-off and aren’t held responsible for finding the facts and piecing together the puzzle. We are YOUR advocate. For testimonials from previous clients, visit here.

8. What is your case worth?

Odds are, if you’ve been in a car accident or suffered an injury from work or a situation due to negligent security, you’ve had to take time out of your personal life to deal with this injury. This can mean time off of work, or time spent traveling to doctor’s appointments and this is time you can’t get back. You deserve to be compensated and Kaufman Law can help with that. For real life examples, visit here.

9. Don’t be afraid to share your information.

Claims and cases are completely confidential. We don’t sell your data, we don’t report you, we simply help you through your time of need.

10. It’s not a scam.

There’s no upfront or hidden costs, no catch, and no fine print connected to an asterisk. It’s simply calling, giving your story and letting us help you find the best possible outcome for your situation. Call us today.


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