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Sedgwick Claims

Sedgwick Workers' Compensation Claims

What Is Sedgwick?

Sedgwick Claims Management Service is a Third Party Administrator (TPA), which means that they are insurance adjusters for self-insured companies and smaller insurance companies that have a small claims department or have no claims department. This means that Sedgwick handles the claims process for them. Sedgwick is known to handle workers' compensation claims, car accidents, premises liability, including slip and falls, disability, professional liability, including medical malpractice, and Family Medical Leave Act claims for employers through various businesses. Sedgwick contracts with employers to handle claims filed by their employees or their customers. In Georgia, every business with three or more employees is required to have workers' compensation insurance and many of these businesses will hire a company, like Sedgwick, to handle any possible claims on their behalf.

What does Sedgwick do?

Sedgwick offers various services to employers, including investigation of claims, cost management assessment, litigation management, time-off tracking, and identification of high-risk groups. Sedgwick handles all types of claims from on-site injuries to maternity leave. Sedgwick claims managers approve or deny authorization for doctor visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription coverage, and administers disability payments. This is why it is important to hire an experienced workers' compensation attorney, like those at Kaufman Law, so you are not fighting this battle alone.

Companies That Use Sedgwick

Many companies use Sedgwick, but the most common ones that you often hear about include:

  • AT&T

  • General Electric

  • Greyhound

  • United Healthcare

  • Delta Airlines

  • Xerox

  • Chic-Fil-A

  • Target

  • LabCorp

  • Home Depot

  • Walgreens

  • Sears

  • Kroger

  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond

How Does Sedgwick Work?

Sedgwick will do the same work as an in house insurance adjuster would, including collecting evidence, such as, incident reports and photographs, taking statements of the injured person and witnesses, collecting medical records and medical bills of the victim, etc. The job of Sedgwick and other TPA companies, however, is to help the negligent party, AKA the place where you were injured, save money by paying out as little as possible. This means that they are going to try to get the case settled on the cheap.

So, if you are injured on the job, you should inform your employer immediately. If your company operates under Sedgwick, you will receive an information packet that includes various forms for you to fill out to begin your claim process. Sedgwick will then let you know if you qualify for benefits, the amount of those benefits, and when the benefits will begin. All too often, however, the benefits offered are way too low, claims are denied, or the claims process is too slow. You may not receive the help you deserve and are entitled to under the Georgia workers' compensation law, which is when it is crucial for you to contact a workers' compensation attorney.

Let's say you aren't working, but instead you are shopping at a store, such as Target or Home Depot, and you fall due to a spill on the floor that had no warning signs. As a result, you are injured due to the negligence of the store. An incident report should absolutely be filed with a store manager and you should seek medical attention no matter the extent of your injuries. In this case, if the store operates under Sedgwick or another TPA, in which many large companies do, you will likely receive a call from one of their representatives questioning you about your incident. They are eager to take your statement as soon as possible, even in your shocked state, so that they can use it against you in the future. It is important to know that you do not have to give a statement to Sedgwick, but instead consult with a slip and fall attorney so they can do the talking for you. Because of your incident, you may have to miss work for doctors appointments resulting in lost wages and piles of medical bills, all thanks to the small spill in your local grocery store. Even after doing what you are supposed to, according to Sedgwick, you may not get compensated. Because of this unfortunate fact, it is vital to receive help from an experienced attorney to get the help you deserve. Never hesitate to contact the team at Kaufman Law with questions about your potential case.

How Can An Attorney Help Me With A Sedgwick Claim?

An attorney can assist you in getting the benefits you need while you focus on recovery. If you are having issues with your workers' compensation or other injury claim, contact our team for help. We are eager to help those that are dealing with claims through Sedgwick and other third party companies.


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